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We are offering outsourcing services, Project Managers, Software Engineers, Technical Support, Testers and Cyber Security to businesses who look to diversify and deliver digital products that is of high quality at low cost.
We provide an appropriate solution for your business and manage projects lifecycle from initiation to successful deployment.


MEET Agile Hub Solutions


Over 25 years' experience working for global organisations in the investment banking and healthcare IT sectors. We worked with offshore and onshore developers, support teams, BAs, PMs and CRMs, and in our capacity led a variety of functions serving demanding businesses in a complex regulatory environment.


To make digital transformations accessible to every organisation regardless of size. We do this by delivering low cost and high quality IT developments and implementations.

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Our core values are:

Clients first and embody partnership principles.

Integrity, commitment, dedication and honesty is our promise.


We will make every effort to achieve the goals and objectives of each delivery, make every effort to notify our clients as early as possible of any deviations to the roadmap or planning, make every effort to work with every team member, vendor or internal staff to ensure tasks are completed and milestones are reached. Making every effort to deliver high quality of work, results and communication. 

Cyber Security

We help businesses protect their digital information eco-system and become resilient. Call us to find more about how we can help you with Penetration Testing, Security Assessment and Security Monitoring


Once we collect the requirements and work with you to identify target objectives and tasks, we start the planning phase immediately with a clear roadmap and timelines


We push for execution as soon as the roadmap is approved, that means we start to mobilise teams to kick off the tasks


With every task completed we celebrate another step that brings us closer to a key milestone delivery. 

Value/ROI Reporting

We always work with our partners to bring value, this is achieved by setting clear KPIs and regularly reporting on project status to measure return on investment

Project Management
Solutions Providers

Custom software development

Buy vs Build approach, spend time to study and refine the requirements to determine roadmap, effort and cost to reach key objectives

proof of concept

Create the basic functionalities to provide our clients the opportunity to give valuable feedback and insights towards the MVP

mvp & Feature development

After the POC, we will work on the most valuable functionalities to deliver a shippable product and iteratively improve product features data driven by client feedback 

support & Maintenance

Availability, stability and continuous improvement means business continuity, hence regular maintenance & system support in addition to bug fixes and upgrades will always be required

Software Testing

Strategy & Planning

We will develop your ‘Test Strategy & Test Plan’ documents in alignment with your testing requirements.

set up

We will work with you to iteratively develop ‘Test Scripts’ for each testing phase/cycle and will set up Test Automation tools where necessary. We will create the necessary process documents including defect logging, triaging, reporting, and change control.


We will execute all your testing phases from inception to successful handover

sign off

We will develop the final Testing Completion and lessons learnt reports.

Why Us


01 / FAST
02 / Agile
03 / DOD

Once the project details are collected, and we've identified deliveries, objectives & goals, we initiate the project planning and start executing the roadmap immediately

We maintain bi-weekly governance to closely followup on project status and progress, identify risks and mitigations early. We are experienced with Agile Development, we lead sprints, prioritise tasks and can work with global teams and vendors.

Definition of Done to us is our client's satisfaction and delivering results. This materialises in a shippable product which is live in production fully operational. 

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we demonstrate and Understand the Product


Room 1, Flat 4, Block 9

AbdelMoneim Ismail 

Misr El gedida 

Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 10 928 30132

59 Hayfield Road




Tel: +44 7426 437540



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